City Council Meeting

Monday, March 5th 7:00 p.m.
Kingsley City Offices



Garbage is not allowed in the blue recycle totes.

For those of you who are not following the recycling rules please know that the
City does the recycling program for a reason. By recycling less tonnage goes
into the landfill and therefore saves the taxpayer money.

The City receives credit for the recycling tonnage. If you put garbage with your
recycling materials, the garbage service will not dump the blue tote.

The recycle dumpsters on West 1st Street are only for recycling material, no garbage.

Be aware that garbage is not allowed in the tree dump area, south of town.
Lately, items have been found that do not belong with tree waste.
This could lead to the tree dump being locked up and no one will be able to use this service.



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